Find broken links

Create multiple scans easily

Inspect your links creating multiple configurations and filter your content in so many ways, even for custom fields, comments and blogroll links.

These configurations are organized into entities called scans. You can create multiple scans, each one with a different configuration, and run them under independent crawling processes.

Full scan results


Display all scan data

The crawler results page displays all links found with advanced filters to organize and take control of detected links.

The results screen shows all the information possible through several sections like the current scan info, a navigation area by status codes or status levels, the advanced search section, and the list of detected links.

Advanced filters

You can filter these results in so many ways and also search by URL or anchor text:


Easily fix broken links

You have several possibilities for editing your blog content directly from the results: changing link URL or anchor text, adding nofollow attributes, replace the URL for its redirection, unlink and leave anchor text, etc.


URL Tools

Apart of these scans reports, this plugin provides an extra URL tool to perform quick and massive changes from a set of predefined URLs:


Try a fully-functional demo

Download the demo version and test the WP Link Status Pro features:

The demo version shows the same user interface of the Pro version.

A note for developers: the crawler module works submitting HTTP requests through internal plugin scripts. So if you are running this plugin under an environment outside the Internet (e.g. local or development server) you need to add the involved host names or domains into your hosts file, both the client and the server where this plugin is executed.

In the same way, if the site you are crawling implements browser password protection, you need to remove this password restriction in order to work properly.


User guides

Get started with the Quick Start Guide.

Or read our step by step WP Link Status Pro user guide.


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